Julia merge png

I want to merge 3 pictures (.png) into one, like a subplot, with 2 pictures in the upper and one in the center of the bottom row. How would I do that?


If you’re using JuliaImages then an image is just a Matrix of colors, so you can merge images using the standard Julia array tools. For example, to stack two images vertically:

julia> using TestImages

julia> im = testimage("mandrill")

julia> vcat(im, im)

or to stack them horizontally:

julia> hcat(im, im)

or to replace part of one image with another:

julia> im2 = zeros(eltype(im), 1000, 1000)

julia> im2[1:100, 1:100] .= im[1:100, 1:100]

thx, can’t wait to try it!