Julia/IJulia Notebook Blogging

Hello all,

I have a hopefully non-unique desire to blog about some technical topics using a Literate Programming style, but I haven’t quite found the right combination of tools to do so.

The goal would be to write a “blog” via IJulia / Jupter Notebooks and yet adopt the CSS style of a unified website. This would be with both static 2D and potentially interactive/dynamic 3D plots included, that I can ideally share as a true self contained Jupyter Notebook as well for the reader to run/play with.

Do any of you have some suggestions about how to accomplish this, or at the least provide examples of others that have? It always feels like you need to pass a single source through a horrible spiderweb of interpreters and half-supported frameworks to accomplish this…

I’ve played a bit with Literate.jl and Weave.jl but neither seems particularly robust to feed into an external blog framework (Jekyll, Ghost, Hexo, …)

I hope I’m not alone in this struggle :slight_smile:

Do you know about https://franklinjl.org/? I think it can do most of what you want, except the direct export of jupyter notebooks afaik.

Thanks for the reply.

I was aware of Franklin.jl, but didn’t give it enough effort to try and work something out myself.

From this (Support Pluto notebooks in Franklin · Issue #813 · tlienart/Franklin.jl · GitHub) is looks like I will have to wait a bit longer to get the built-in functionality I’m looking for.