Could Julia embed graphics lib.?

The Julia installer already embeds many libraries so could the Julia installer embed graphical libraries for all platforms such as Pharo (Smalltalk) does?
(cairo? gtk4? sdl2)
is this a bad idea?
this could be good for this excellent environment

I think we don’t need to because binaries are very easy to obtain:

Or QML.jl or Mousetrap.jl or GitHub - JuliaGraphics/Cairo.jl: Bindings to the Cairo graphics library.…

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does this install the DLLs even on Windows?
if yes I didn’t know sorry

Most (though not all) libraries work on Linux, Windows and Mac OS…

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If I understood correctly, mousetrap is an overload of Gtk4, what more does this bring?

Easier usage, Julia specific documentation, integration with Makie.jl… But Mousetrap is still very young…

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I believe so GitHub - JuliaBinaryWrappers/Cairo_jll.jl

As long the platforms contain Windows

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How quickly things change.

I have very high confidence in the developer of Mousetrap and that/his projects. Though I haven’t used it or other GUI toolkits.

It’s quite recent, he said he would NOT support Makie (I guess wasn’t his personal goal), then added to the roadmap, and I didn’t expect it already implemented.

What is it that you actually want to do? It might be you only need Makie, or Mousetrap or other GUI toolkit or both? I see in the docs:

Most of the code was based on Gtk4GLMakie, which itself is still rough. I’m not that familiar with Makie in general usage, and fully implementing an interface requires knowledge of Makies internals on top of that.

I don’t see that it’s actually “based” (as opposed on inspired by, maybe what was meant?) in Gtk4GLMakie.jl, as in using it as a dependency. Note, it uses GTK4, but neither depends on Gtk4.jl. GTK4 also Gtk3[.jl] has a reputation of being hard to use (compared to Qt/QML). Moustrape simplifies it, also drops some options you have in GTK4. QML.jl had a recent update. Qt/QML when used with C++ is probably not easy, simplified in Julia(?). I find it likely Moustrap is easier still, but I not sure which is now better it or QML.jl (or maybe mature Gtk3.jl, or even newer Gtk4.jl). The latter likely are more featureful, while adding complexity hindering learning.

You can also have SDL2 with Julia and other similar projects if you need it directly. I doubt you need that. Nor Cairo directly (it’s also supported by e.g. Makie).