Julia Gender Inclusive digital Coffee Meet-up

Dear all!
It’s time for the first gender inclusive meetup of the year on Sunday, January 16th at 11AM EST / 3pm UTC / 5pm CET / 9:30 pm IST!

This time we are especially interested in hearing about your Julia plans for 2022! :tada:
The coffee meetups are meant to give a space for getting to know each other, discussing our experiences with the Julia community or our latest Julia projects/interests. We are from various different backgrounds and have different programming levels, don’t be shy to join even if you just got started with Julia! If you’d like to join the coffee meeting, please sign up here .

We welcome anyone who sees their gender as under-represented within the Julia community, including women, non-binary people, trans people of all genders, and people exploring or questioning their gender. Because gender is multifaceted, we are intentionally being general about what gender under-representation means .

You can learn more about Julia Gender Inclusive in our announcement post and from our JuliaCon 2021 talk !

Save the date:
The next coffee meet-ups are scheduled for:

  • 27th of February, 11am EST
  • 10th of April, 11am EDT
  • 29th of May, 11am EDT