Julia for data analysis book

Ordered! Grateful for all your efforts to educate others about Julia.

Erik Engheim also has a Manning/MEAP book in progress, Julia as a Second Language, which also looks good.


Yes the book by @Erik_Engheim is very nice and complementary. “Julia as a Second Language” has a wider target of usage scenarios, while I concentrate more on data analysis applications.

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I have forgotten to add, that there is a 50% discount code for this book, which is mlkaminski2.


Cool, I should probably read your book. I have been spending more time lately working with data frames.

Yeah, you are right it looks like we are aiming for a bit different audience, but that is good. We can reach more people then. I am hoping to appeal to the more general purpose programmers I guess who might not consider Julia as an option today. A bit inspired by my own usage of Julia I guess. I have used Julia more as a productivity tool than as a data analysis/plotting/science kind of stuff.


Ordered! Your answers here and on StackOverflow are consistently fantastic, and I’ve been meaning to incorporate DataFrames into my day-to-day usage of Julia more frequently, so this seems like the obvious way.


In 30 minutes (Fri 2022-07-08, 4PM CEST) I will have on Manning Twitch a session about analyzing GitHub developers database with DataFrames.jl and Graphs.jl.


If someone is interested on MEAP all chapters of the Julia for Data Analysis book are available as a preview. Now the book is in production and hopefully soon it will be published.


One additional announcement for the book. If someone prefers working with Jupyter Notebook rather thatn REPL then in JuliaForDataAnalysis/lectures at main · bkamins/JuliaForDataAnalysis · GitHub folder there are all materials converted to this format (some small adjustments were needed, but it is 99,9% the same code).


Finally the “Julia for Data Analysis” book was released today by Manning Publications.


This is AMAZING! :tada: :tada: :tada: Congrats @bkamins !!!


As of today my Julia for Data Analysis book is finally available in print. If you would like to buy this book you can do it at Julia for Data Analysis. There is a launch discount code pbkaminski, valid through January 3th, which offers 45% off the book in all formats.


@bkmains, I tried to buy the book using the discount code. However, it was not accepted. Do I have to do something different from just copy+past the code?

Congrats on such an impressive book.


Can you please re-check? I have just tried it and it worked (I include images both for eBook+Print and eBok only):

Yes, now it accepts the code. Thanks

There is a sale today (21 Dec.). I just got it. Amazing job! Thanks!


I started reading your book few days ago, @bkamins and is really a great work you did here.


I ordered my copy seven months ago and am expecting it to arrive next week. Can’t wait to read this!

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Thank you!. If you had any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Just finished reading your book. It was excellent! I really enjoyed reading it. Well worth the wait. It has filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge regarding using Julia for data analysis. I am certain I will be referencing your teachings often in my work.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this subject.


My “Julia for Data Analysis” book has been published a few months ago. It has received a positive feedback from the readers so far - thank you for this.

My publisher Manning Publications Co. has decided to go for a re-print of the book. Therefore they are looking for data science experts who would be willing to provide a back cover quote for my book.

If you would be willing to provide such a feedback please contact me via a direct message. Manning Publications Co. is offering a limited number of complimentary access codes to the book for the selected reviewers.