Julia flags for startup - is there a list?

I’m having trouble understanding the different startup flags, e.g. julia -e. Is there a list in the documentation?


What do you mean? Do you want a more complete documentation than the one provided by julia -h?


Thank you. That was helpful. I was not aware of julia -h. It may be nice to find a link to that when one searches for flag or related things in the julia documentation. Is it possible to get the same information as julia -h from the REPL too?


Additionally, I searched for julia -e in the documentation and could not find anything, that may be nice too. My specific application is that I am trying to understand the sample scripts provided in coverage.jl, why some have -e and some don’t, and I could not figure this out through the documentation.

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uhhh, I suppose you have no experience with linux, or any command line. The -h (or --help) flag is a widely adopted convention. I mean, just try passing it to any command (specially in the long form --help), all of ls, firefox, julia, gcc, etc…, answer to it.

I also do not believe such flags fit the language documentation as they are a specificity of the default interpreter/compiler, someone could implement another interpreter/compiler and define their own flags.

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Great, thank you for the explanation. I’ve actually worked quite a bit in the linux command line, so I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering about this.
I think it would be nice to have something concerning this somewhere in the documentation, and may it be just a link to julia -h with some searchable keywords in the documentation.
Anyways, really like the julia language and it’s community, so thanks for your help!


I think it would be nice to have something concerning this somewhere in the documentation

I think what you’re looking for is in the “Getting Started” section of the documentation here


I just noticed that --compile={min|all|...} is neither listed in this page nor in the output of julia -h. Is there a reason for this, or has this switch merely been forgotten?

julia --help-hidden

awesome, i just found the experimental option “–produce-binary-executable=yes”