Julia Finance

Hi. I know limited amounts of programming. At this point I am specifically interested in financial modeling, machine learning, and predictive capabilities of Julia. Can someone please recommend a study path, whether it be YouTube videos or books to read? I know there are a bunch of materials suited for beginners, however I was wondering it there were any that were optimized or more suited for my goal.

I really can’t thank you all enough. All the best.

A few online tutorials:

  1. Chapter 9 Optimal pricing | Data Science in Julia for Hackers

  2. Quantitative Economics with Julia — Quantitative Economics with Julia (basically for economics but related to finance too I believe)


Hands-On Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia www.packt.com using examples from the finance field and seems to be a recommended book.

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For getting started with programming in general, I recommend Think Julia, available for free here:


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For fundamentals in Julia and some initial machine learning applications, this YouTube channel is top notch. His tutorials got me hooked on Julia!

for financial modelling, my course material might be of help

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