Julia environment falsely detected in a Quarto/Python project

Hello, probably a silly problem: I use Julia in other projects, but in one that has nothing to do with Julia (it’s a poetry & pipenv venv with Quarto files written in Python and some Python scripts to manage that project), Julia keeps being detected as the environment.

By VS Code: If I start code . inside of poetry shell, it detects Julia and uses Conda.jl’s Python installation which I have on my computer because of using PyCall.jl in a different project in a different repo. And using Command (I’m on Mac) + Shift + P I cannot choose a Python environment because if I choose any path to other Python installation, I get an error that “The selected Path is not a Julia environment”. I’ve reset the environment variable for Julia in the settings, and it helped for a second (no Julia environment was detected and poetry’s Python version was selected), but after a moment of VS Code open, it switched to a Julia environment and added it to settings.json.

This is illustrated by VS Code, but it is not a VS Code problem because even if I don’t use it, Quarto in this folder somehow detects that it’s a Julia project and also enforces the use of Conda.jl’s Python, overriding the settings of poetry and pipenv. This turns out to be a legitimate setting of Quarto, that if Julia is detected, Quarto will use it’s Conda.jl interpreters, but it prevents execution, because the Python version used by Quarto is not the same as the one set by the virtual environment.

But why is my project identified by VS Code and Quarto as a Julia environment? I don’t have any Manifest.toml files and there have never been any Julia files in this repo. I have nothing in pyproject.toml or Pipfile that would indicate Julia, they include jupyter and ipykernel so as to prevent Quarto looking in random places on the computer, which might make it use Conda.jl’s files.