Julia Editor written in Julia?

Is there a Julia editor written in Julia? I just found this Clojure editor written in Clojure:

It would be cool to do

using JEdit; edit()
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There’s https://github.com/nick-paul/Acorn.jl and https://github.com/lancebeet/Joy.jl, but I think most people believe that writing a new editor just so that it’s written in your favorite language is a bit of a waste of time. I mostly agree.


I would like to see a “Neovim.jl” so that I can write vim scripts in Julia, but we’ll have to make persistent compilation smoother first for this to be practical.

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There’s also my Gtk based editor. I don’t think it installs on v1.0 at the moment though, I need to push some updates.


Why do you ask?

Advanced editors usually come with an extension language, eg Emacs Lisp for Emacs, JS and variants for Atom and VS Code, etc. It is ideal if the this language matches the language used for implemention the editor. But this is probably not one of the comparative advantages of Julia at this point.

Also, editors are complex yet fairly generic pieces of software, and can benefit from multiple communities cooperating. Because of this, it makes little sense to have an editor written in X for every language X. This is probably why these efforts turn into abandonware or remain niche products 99% of the time.

There is

It is a bit dead, but bfredl is both a significant contributor to Neovim.jl,
and occational julia programmer.
They are around gitter, and have mentioned before that they’ld be interested in helping bring it back up.

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Would be nice to write editor scripts not in vimscript. This looks pretty nice, if it gets up and running.

Just out of curiosity. After I found the Clojure editor mentioned above, I remembered that there was a gtk based editor a while ago and wondered if there were more projects like this. And it seems that there are indeed…