Julia downloads stats and Julia downloads badges

Hi everyone!

1/ We have just released a Genie data dashboard for exploring download trends and stats for all the Julia packages, available at https://pkgs.genieframework.com

It’s an easy to use interface to the public data provided by the Julia/Pkg team.

A REST API is also available if you want to integrate with your own apps - as well as a link to download the DB (more info on the page).

2/ What better way to spread the word about the awesome Julia package ecosystem than equally awesome downloads count badges for our Github READMEs! Get yours also at https://pkgs.genieframework.com (instructions in the footer).

The code is available on Github at https://github.com/GenieFramework/PkgVizBoard - check it out and send your bugs, requests and PRs.

We had a lot of fun building these and I hope you’ll find them useful! Enjoy and spread the word.

Happy Sunday!



Is there a way to remove the package name in the badge?

You just want to show the logo and the count? No way atm but could be easily added as an option.

logo + text(“downloads”) + number

Doable - I’ll add option in the next release

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