Julia cron like event scheduler



I’m looking for a cron like scheduler written in Julia
(something comparable to APScheduler or sched or schedule for Python)
I haven’t found it in the Julia ecosystem… but maybe someone here know a package like this.
Any help is welcome

Kind regards


There was a similar question on stackeoverflow, does the answer there work for you?



Thanks @ggggggggg but I was looking for a higher level approach of the problem of scheduling events.
Being able to parse cron syntax could be a nice feature on top of that


I wrote this Julia implementation of Python sched

We could probably tackle implementing more advanced scheduler (such as APSScheduler, schedule) using Julia
See https://github.com/scls19fr/Sched.jl/issues/5


A more advanced and extensible implementation of a scheduler is now available at

Latest doc can be found here.