Julia community often used acronyms and shortcuts, questions

Every community have so way to speak or write fast about some common topic and that is good and useful thing. But can be problematic both to newcomers and experience members. Newcomers are lost because they don’t understand what going on, pros because flow of discussion is broken by people asking question like: What is AD? (Automatic Differentiation). I make this topic to minimizes such flow brakes.

In dissuasion about printing nested dicts, they said that it will be good to make "PR to improve upon it’’. What is PR?

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PR is pull request — https://help.github.com/articles/about-pull-requests/


Thank you. I was thinking that is means “Print R…”.

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I agree that people should use fewer acronyms in general, especially in a site like this.

But I am not sure that a discourse topic is the best place for that list.

I don’t find better place, but I happily use better solution :grinning:.

We could have a glossary. LLVM has one (https://llvm.org/docs/Lexicon.html).


I’m for it. But how make it real?

You can make a PR (which you now know what it means) to include such a list to the Julia manual :slight_smile:


:grin: I like your sens of humor!

If I find time two weeks from now, I try to Google how to make such glossary and make initial PR.