Julia Bus Error after wake-up from sleep on linux

I run Julia on a Linux machine, the machine has NFS home directories with kerberos security. I have no idea if that is relevant but I mention it because it’s non-standard.

Pretty consistently after waking my computer up in the morning, if I type anything at all into the terminal where Julia was running, it gives Bus Error and dies.

Can anyone reproduce this? I’d be happy to file a bug report but would like more info than “under some conditions Julia gives a Bus Error” so it’d be good if someone else could reproduce.

This is Julia 1.17.0-rc3

Here’s what this looks like. A Julia session was running since last night. This morning after waking my machine I typed 1 and enter and immediately after enter I get a Bus error.

julia> 1
Bus error

If anyone has suggestions of what would help to debug this, I’ll happily try stuff. For example is there some debugger I should run Julia within to see what causes the bus error? Instructions would be welcome.

Well, just running Julia in gdb and waiting has failed to reproduce the bug. perhaps it requires that I actually do some computations. sigh

And now… even though it’s running through gdb I get:

julia> 1

julia> lBus error

So evidently does this mean gdb itself bus errored, because it didn’t trap the error?

Bus error is a certainly a possible symptom of a program running off a NFS mount and losing internet connection. It is why programs should not be run on NFS mounts, if that is of any help

In GNU Guix, running software stored in NFS is standard practice.

Fair enough, I should more precisely have said it is why programs should not be run on NFS mounts unless you are running a cluster which has reliable internal networking and does not experience service outages (such as computers getting put to sleep)

You think it’s the fact that Julia and the sysimage themselves are on the NFS mount? Because for example shells left open for days don’t bus error. I could move Julia and the sysimage to the local drive.

This wouldn’t explain why gdb failed to catch the bus error since it was running off the local drive.