Julia at #31 on IEEE Spectrum "Top Programming Languages" for 2017


Results should be suspect as Perl (!!!) is at #18, and they’ve included HTML as a programming language.

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It’s a popularity contest and Julia seems appropriately placed given its relation to other languages is generally consistent among different rankings. Obviously, its usefulness is far greater than its current popularity, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that there are still slightly more people using something like Haskell than Julia, though we are catching up quickly. Perl is still widely used, and including HTML is a good way to measure how much popularity is just due to web programming (i.e. lots of things in there which are related to the web get a boost because of how high “all things web” is).

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R is #6?! Above JavaScript??

I find that interesting too, but don’t see what would easily bias that given the methodology.


Weighting only by the IEEE Xplore metrics julia, rust and Swift got a huge boost from 2016 to 2017. It seems like some new-born languages are getting a lot of attention :slight_smile: .