Julia artifact overrides

I have a few questions regarding the behavior of the Overrides.toml file, which aren’t directly answered in the docs (although I’m happy to add a PR with more detail once answered :smiley:)

  1. To override a *_jll package, does the original *_jll package actually have to be installed at all? Or does the presence of an override tell Julia that there’s no need to search for the original package? I imagine it depends on what kind of override, right?

  2. The docs claim that an override to a specific artifact requires an absolute path. Is there a way to specify a relative path, which is relative to the location of the overrides.toml?


Last time I tried the original artifact was still downloaded. There should be some issue about this in the MKL.jl repository on GitHub. (I’m on my cellphone right now)

Thanks @carstenbauer! After following a trail of GitHub issues, I stumbled upon a potential fix (but not yet merged):

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