Julia and GoogleMaps

Dear all,

I 'd like to plot my GPS points (LLA) on Googlemaps with Julia and also would like to plot a route between two GPS points on GoogleMaps again via julia. I did a little bit of research on the forums but couldn’t really find a clear answer for this nor an example of Julia and GoogleMaps interact. Anyone knows a way or example to do?

Any help would be appreciated

Googlemaps or GoogleEarth?

Googlemaps, since I will try to find quickest path using real-time traffic data between the two GPS points.

Thank you

To GE one give it .kml/.kmz, what data do you supply to googlemaps?

All of my data is in .csv files as longitude, latitude, altitude, date and time.

Forio had a related demo with code that used to work not so long ago, it might be a useful place to start.

Thank you very much for your response Ilya,

I checked them before I posted this topic here, but the code is more for modeling, and doeesn’t give us an idea of how Julia and GoogleMaps are interacting with

But again, without Julia, how do you send in you data to GoogleMaps? Is there any equivalent to the kml/kmz for GE?