Julia 1.7 fresh install breaks on updating Pkgs


Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
BASH 5.0.17
Julia 1.7

when I update I get a TOML parser error
something to with GC and JuMP
invalid bare character in my version 1.4 manifest

I need Julia to work
Should I just revert to 1.6?

Looks to me like GC is failing, which shouldn’t be a problem? Your 1.7 global environment got updated and everything in it precompiled successfully.

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You can remove the corrupted file (~/.julia/logs/manifest_usage.toml). (See Pkg#2633 and Pkg#2793.)

(As a sidenote; it is better if you copy and paste the text instead of uploading a photo. Text is searchable, images are not. This also has the extra benefit that you can remove your name directly instead of using paint :slight_smile: )


I was stumped. I have a suggestion to delete that file from @fredrikekre so I’ll do that.

Yes good advice… I had some barriers to cut and paste that I won’t bore you with, but yes I’ll try to do so in future.

I can’t delete the file right now, being AFK from the box, but I will let you know. Best wishes, thanks either way.

Whenever I run into upgrading issues I just destroy the .julia directory and start afresh. With 1.7 I received a warning that my toml files were using outdated syntax. I didn’t bother googling, I went ahead and destroyed my .julia directory 20 minutes later I was up and running. (20 minutes: the time it took to download and precompile a half-dozen environments).

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I can’t overstate how much I don’t like people suggesting to nuke the entire .julia directory.


It’s really annoying, but sometimes it’s the easiest way out, even the it could probably be fixed by nuking some folder inside it, specially when the user might not be familiar with how things work.

It is potentially destructive since, by default, Pkg put development repositories in this folder.


In fact I had two corruptees… manifest usage and artefact usage.

Two naughty .toml’s

They have been rm’d and now it all works.

You, sir, are a scholar and a gent.