Julia 1.6.1 upgrade and interference with RStudio Git?

Hi everyone

I just upgraded Julia from 1.5.2 to 1.6.1, and something odd happened. Immediately afterwards, my Git tab disappeared from RStudio, and I cannot use Git version control anymore in RStudio. git init returns fatal: cannot stat '[project path]/.git/description': Invalid argument
Is there some kind of interference or competition between Julia and RStudio regarding Git version control? TIA, Fabienne

EDIT: I found out it only happens for directories that are synchronized (OneDrive, Filr,…). This used to work well before though. It might be a coincidence.

That’s really odd. It’s hard to imagine how those events could be related. Julia doesn’t install anything outside of ~/.julia, and it doesn’t do anything to your system git.

The only way I could imagine this being related is if you’d somehow configured RStudio to look for git somewhere inside .julia (no idea how), and even that shouldn’t have broken just by installing a new Julia version. It seems more likely to be a pure coincidence, or the result of some other latent varaible that we can’t observe from your report.

it strikes me as unlikely, too. May be some windows shenanigans.