Julia 1.11 beta high latency

lazily initialize the time zone cache by KristofferC · Pull Request #457 · JuliaTime/TimeZones.jl · GitHub seems to restore the load time of KiteUtils to 1.10 levels (a bit better actually). We’ll see if the maintainers like it.


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Before implementing changes, please do see if you can identify where the regression is coming from via profiling and post a separate topic or issue with a minimal example.

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I just benchmarked my main function (which is non-allocating, using only StaticArrays), and there is no significant difference regarding the execution time:

# Julia 1.10 on Laptop on battery: 1047ns
# Julia 1.11 on Laptop on battery: 1035ns

I updated the title accordingly.

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As another data point I will note that a typical case for PSSFSS.jl runs about 15% faster under Julia 1.11.0-beta1 than under 1.10.2. Of course, this pleases me greatly! Well, done, Julia developers!