Julia 1.0.3 testing period



Ha ha. The double negative.
I think Kristoffer is saying the debug version will not be included from v1.0.4 and v1.1.0

(the PR to remove debug will be in those versions)


OK, not that important but I’m confused because he also said


The PR to remove debug “will not be in v1.0.3 but will be in 1.1.0 and 1.0.4.”

Hence, debug will not be included from those later versions.


Right, I got it now. While I was talking on the dll itself he was referring to the action to remove it. :blush:


Thanks for listing the offending lines, which lead me to this thread.
Deleting the second entry [[Pkg-93b6d6de857dc88e665d2c64397852ab9701ba24]]
was necessary, but not sufficient.

With these commands the build was clean:

git checkout  v1.0.3
# clean the repo; both the following commands were mandatory.
git reset --hard
make cleanall
# verify
git status
HEAD detached at v1.0.3
nothing to commit, working tree clean
# build
make -j $(nproc)
make docs