Julia 1.0.4 testing period

Hi again, you might remember me from my announcement of 1.1.1 testing just yesterday. Well, guess what: it’s that time again, except this time for 1.0.

The release-1.0 branch on the Julia repository now contains the set of commits we’re planning to tag as v1.0.4, the fourth patch release in the 1.0 series, which has long-term support. The list of commits included since v1.0.3 is available here. As a patch release, it should be strictly non-breaking for existing code and introduce no new features at all, just bug fixes, documentation improvements, and performance enhancements.

We encourage users, especially package authors, to test their code using a source build of the release-1.0 branch to ensure there are no changes in behavior. (Binaries are not available for prereleases of patch versions.) A package evaluation run showed no regressions from v1.0.3, so we should be all good there, but extra testing and assurance is always worthwhile, especially for LTS versions. As usual, if you run into any issues, please report them on Julia’s GitHub issue tracker.

Assuming all is well, we’ll move forward with releasing v1.0.4 in a few days.