Julia 0.7.0-beta is now available

Will it be feasible to change that in the Julia 1.x timeframe? It’s the main thing I miss from the old reload and since reload is deprecated I was curious what were the alternatives.

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This is what the beta is for: to get people to upgrade their packages :slight_smile:

It’s a hard problem but perhaps not impossible: https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/pull/22721


Join us in #upgradathon on slack, and I’d be happy to assign packages from the priority list to anybody who wants to help out.


Is there some place where one can track, which packages are already usable under 0.7?

just tried registering for slack but https://slackinvite.julialang.org is not helpful.

Regarding slack, there appears to be a problem with https://slackinvite.julialang.org/, it’s pointing to a personal page at the moment.

Should be back up.

Regarding breaking changes: does this refer to the language + Base, or also the standard libraries?

I am asking because it is my impression that Pkg3 is still being developed very actively, with changes which are occasionally breaking in the technical sense as the optimal interface is hammered out. This is fine, as I find that it brings unprecedented convenience and fixes a lot of outstanding issues and feature requests, and the developers are doing great work. But is it fair to say that things will be in motion with Pkg3 for a while?

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More changes were required post-alpha/beta for the package manager since before the alpha no one had really used it or given any feedback. We’ve gotten that feedback now and made many big fixes and workflow improvements and a few breaking changes to code loading since the alpha. For better or worse, we’re mostly done with Pkg interface changes now and entirely done with breaking code loading changes. Since Pkg is a stdlib and an interactive tool, it will evolove more quickly between 1.x versions of Julia itself than Base or non-interactive stdlibs but we’ll try hard to keep old examples and CI scripts working as we do so.


Can you please clarify this? Does this mean that while the version of Pkg in the standard library for stable versions will naturally be updated when a new release is made, users will be encouraged to update to newer stable versions of Pkg between releases?

Does the same apply to other packages in the standard library?


Thanks for the clarification, it is good to know that the previous position is unchanged.