Juila + Vim

Hello! Does anyone have a good working setup of Julia and vim? I’m using the LanguageServer, but it seems to have a lot of issues / is slow and crashes a lot. Are there any alternatives?

Side question, what’s your workflow look like with vim? Repl on the side? A jupyter notebook running?

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I use vim slime to push code through gnu screen. This works well for me. The language server integration I never got working satisfactory. Like you said: crashes a lot and is in general buggy at least on my system. Ultisnips has some nice Julia snippets included.

I’ve tried switching back to vim recently, after becoming frustrated by Atom’s partial macro support, but did not have a good experience with autocomplete. Any text entry would spike one of my CPU cores to 100% for a few seconds and spin up my laptop fan as if I was running benchmarks. Not great for battery life.

I experienced this issue with both @ExpandingMan’s config and the suggested config on the LanguageServer.jl wiki.

Atom also occasionally has similar tagging/autocomplete performance issues, but is more likely to get into a good state with responsive tagging that works mostly as expected. It’s not perfect though, and still misses some completions or lags sometimes.

Compromise for me now is to use Atom (with vim mode) for most development, and launch real vim if I need to make a more involved edit that would benefit from macros or other plugins. This workflow is not ideal, and I hope we can find a better solution in this thread.

I use the julia-vim plugin; as for flow, I have (i use i3wm as window manager):

  • 1 tmux session with several windows, each window with a vim instance, multiple files edited pertinent to individual packages
  • 1 tmux session (floating i3 window), multiple windows for REPL instances, multiple panes for code that
  • 1 tmux session, multiple windows, for documentation/quick searches/etc.

Screenshot, just for laughs: https://www.deviantart.com/zgornel/art/Friday-s-night-coding-sessions--766000842


Nice! I like the screenshot!

I haven’t tried @ExpandingMan’s config, I’ll have to give that a shot. The only features I really want are syntax highlighting and syntax checking. Autocomplete is nice to have, but I can live without if it means making vim usable.

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