Juila + Vim

I’m using vim+Powershell core on Windows Terminal. I guess the OS is the problem then? gvim is very slightly faster but still very slow and laggy unfortunately.

edit: Also, my vimrc is already pretty lightweight since I only started using it a week ago lol. When I use vim for editing latex files there doesn’t seem to be an issue, which is why I was thinking that it is probably the julia-vim package that is slowing Vim down.

Maybe WSL is a viable alternative? It might also be worth it to file an issue with vim-julia.

I’ll try WSL and if that doesn’t work, I’ll open an issue. thanks!

I haven’t noticed anyone mention vimcmdline which is what I use for interactive data stuff. It’s actually developed in part by someone who also works on NvimR which was mentioned earlier. It uses tmux, which using alone has always proved confusing for me, but vimcmdline was very easy to set up. I don’t know how it compares to vimteractive.

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