Jordan norm in julia

Is there a way to do jordan decomposition or find out the jordan norm of a n*n matrix in julia?

I see the following one but the function jordan_form is not available in SymPy.jl.

Any insight?

Do you have an example of a matrix? If your input is rational, the Jordan form might have proper complex entries. What kind of result do you want? Symbolic (exact) or an approximation?


As mentioned in that thread, the numerical analysis properties are problematic in computations: see Jordan normal form - Wikipedia

You might be able to leverage Mathematica through MathLink.jl ?

Thank you! I want appropriamate and the input is rational.

Thank you! I see. That might be a potential direction. So looks julia doesn’t have a direct way to do it.

Are you sure you need the Jordan form and can’t use another factorization instead (e.g. eigenvalue/SVD etc)? Jordan normal form is often taught in math classes, but rarely what you want computationally.

Thank you! I see that could a reason why it has not been applied in Julia.