Join the ML Ecosystem Community Team!

As some of you may already know, there is a “ML community team” working to improve the FluxML ecosystem and establish best practices for ML in Julia. We have already worked on several packages to this end (see a summary here). Currently, our focus is on building up FastAI.jl. We have plans for more features down the road, like distributed training, pruning, better ONNX support, and adversarial attacks.

We would love to have join us! You can chat with the team offline on our Zulip stream or attend our bi-weekly design meetings (see calendar event). You can also catch up on past work/minutes/videos below.

Previous Meeting (2021-03-30)

The minutes for the previous meeting can be found here, and the video recording can be found here.

Next Meeting (2021-04-13)

The agenda for the next meeting can be found here. Please note that the meeting time has changed to 12PM EST for the foreseeable future.

Important Links

Design Docs

The evolving design document (you can think of this as meeting notes - refined edition) is located here.

Minutes and Video Recordings

We keep minutes and video recordings. The agenda for (future) meetings is at the top of the minutes.

Tracking Repo

We have a tracking repo where we host materials. It also serves as a centralized issue hub, since our ML ecosystem is distributed across several Julia packages. We also use issues + GitHub Projects to track long-term progress. You can find a list of our projects on the tracking repo’s project pane.