Jld2 preview in vscode?

I use JLD2.jl to store simulation results which I find pretty convenient.

I wonder if there is a plan to add a preview/explorer feature for this type of file in vscode.

Json files are nicer for a having a quick look on their content but, AFAIU, this format is not really suitable to store large numerical results (like large arrays of floats).

Any thought ?

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No plans, but I really like the idea. Feel free to open a feature request.


Dedicated support for JLD2 sounds great.
I think, a lot should already be possible with HDF5 Preview - Visual Studio Marketplace

since JLD2 files is really just HDF5 with a few extras (mapping to julia structs).


Done :wink:

Yes, I even try to change the jld2 extension to hdf5 and open it with this vscode extension but it does not work as is.

Is anyone interested in collaborating on this?
I could build a minimal version of JLD2 that would allow extracting metadata and maybe reading standard data types. It would need a vscode extension frontend to wrap it.

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I know that @ffevotte made some experiment on this topic.

I made experiments building a standalone Electron app to preview the contents of JLD2 files. But I think this is mostly different from building a VScode extension.

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The julia-vscode related open issue is here:


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