Jetbrains Fleet vs VS Code

Jetbrains has good IDEs, I understand best for e.g. Java, and now Fleet.

I see blog posts saying it’s good or, others not a "VS Code killer, though:
Ever since it is announced many have dubbed Fleet a “VS Code killer”. The Fleet is a brand-new >IDE by JetBrains which offers a variety of IDEs and dev tools. […]

It kinda looks like a VSCode clone.

but it seems kind of difficult to find out if it’s based on VS Code (it uses LSP though), or if relevant to Julia (or could be, i.e. can support VS Code’s extensions like Julia’s).

Still might be of interest to Julia community:

From the article:

Fleet is currently free only for “Hobby and Education” but as for professional use-case, it will be a paid product with prices yet to be announced.

Might not work out for FOSS communities and projects.