I've made a small step-by-step tutorial to using Flux for image recognition

I was trying to model a simple character recognition in Flux and almost lost my sanity due to the lack of tutorials and the ones that do exist were quite outdated. So after some head banging I’ve made a small tutorial to help those that might be coming from a different language/framework to using it.

The blog: Image Recognition in Julia using Flux | Mohammed Ayoub Chettouh

The file:GitHub - Qfl3x/Arabic-Character-Recognition

Feedback is appreciated!


Did you have a look through Flux – Tutorials? Flux – Simple ConvNet in particular was created to have an up to date intro tutorial for character recognition on MNIST. Appreciate the blog post, of course!

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I haven’t touched Flux in 2 years, what is the status of the tutorials in terms of more complex networks?
I was interested in object detection and image segmentation. Any native Flux trainable networks like Fast R-CNN or YOLO?

They had issue with DataLoader and its output. It turns out DataLoader got revamped lately.

For DataLoader, I got it mostly fromthis model. That one was up to date.

Maybe check this.

As far as I know, it doesn’t support training:(

The tutorial I linked (purposefully) doesn’t use DataLoader, were you perhaps thinking of a different one? It does need some changes to support datasets moving from Flux.Data to MLDatasets, but those are minor in comparison. As always, PRs are much appreciated because we have very limited bandwidth to work on these :slight_smile: