Data loader for Flux

TL;DR - Work with any data in Flux
Want to do Deep learning with Flux.jl with custom data (Computer vision/ NLP etc)? Don’t want to write your own functions again and again?
I am trying to build a package that will allow you to work with any type of data in Flux without having to reinvent the wheel and also download a large number of standard datasets directly (thanks to fastai). Many features done and documented and many more on the way…


PRs and feedback would be amazing.
It would help in research beyond MNIST and CIFAR (lol)
Flux is awesome and I want to use it more. So this is one step towards that.

I am not setting this up as a PR to flux yet. But I might if it ends up being of use.


Hi @SubhadityaMukherjee, you may be interested in some of the work we’re doing over at and more broadly in It would be good to consolidate efforts so that we can further reduce the (already fragmented) ML data loading ecosystem!

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Oh okay. I will check those out. If it’s that similar then we can probably merge things or work together. :slight_smile:
Thank you!