Iterate over hdf5 names()


I’ve got a large, flat HDF5 file, and I’d like to iterate over the objects with a name matching r".*-y".

It seems I can iterate objects over fd = HFD5.h5open(filename) using

for obj in fd
   ## use obj

but then I can’t find out the name of the object (that should match r".*-y"). I would be looking for something like name(obj).

Or I can iterate over the names:

for key in names(fd)
   ## use fd[key]

but it seems that names(fd) collects all names first, which involves reading the entire file, which in my case takes a very long time, so this seems to be inefficient.

Would anybody know a nice solution to this?


OK, though show(obj) and @less show(stdout, obj) I found that what I was looking for is the unexported