Issue with WebIO - displaying a sphere

I am trying to run this code

# One can pick θ, ϕ using the sliders that appear when the code is run.

f1 = figure(figsize=(8,8))        # make an empty figure

@manipulate for view = [15,60,-30], θ in 0:30:180, ϕ in -180:30:180
    b1 = Bloch()         # make an empty Bloch sphere
    add_vector(b1,[θ,ϕ]) # add a vector, with 
    withfig(f1) do
        render(b1,view) # render the bloch sphere (incl. the vector)

Bloch depends on a 214 line code, and ultimately it is supposed to make a sphere. I can share the code, if necessary. However, I am not getting any error. The problem is with displaying it, which I think relates to WebIO. The first few lines of the message I get is the following:

Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :div), Any[Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :div), Any[Scope(Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :div), Any[Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :div), Any[Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :label), Any["view"], Dict{Symbol, Any}(:className => "interact ", :style => Dict{Any, Any}(:padding => "5px 10px 0px 10px")))], Dict{Symbol, Any}(:className => "interact-flex-row-left")), Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :div), Any[Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :input), Any[], Dict{Symbol, Any}(:max => 3, :min => 1, :attributes => Dict{Any, Any}(:type => "range", Symbol("data-bind") => "numericValue: index, valueUpdate: 'input', event: {change: function (){this.changes(this.changes()+1)}}", "orient" => "horizontal"), :step => 1, :className => "slider slider is-fullwidth", :style => Dict{Any, Any}()))], Dict{Symbol, Any}(:className => "interact-flex-row-center")), Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :div), Any[Node{WebIO.DOM}(WebIO.DOM(:html, :p), Any[], Dict{Symbol, Any}(:attributes => Dict("data-bind" => "text: formatted_val")))], Dict{Symbol, Any}(:className => "interact-flex-row-right"))], Dict{Symbol, Any}(:className => "interact-flex-row interact-widget")), Dict{String, Tuple{Observables.AbstractObservable, Union{Nothing, Bool}}}("changes" => (Observable{Int64} with 1 listeners. Value:
0, nothing), "index" => (Observable{Any} with 2 listeners.

And there are many more lines that are difficult to decipher, at least for me (inexperienced user of Julia). I can also provide the whole message, if needed.

Does anyone know how to overcome this and ultimately display the sphere as expected?

Not sure if this is important, but the code is meant for Julia 0.6, and I am running it on Julia 1.7. Initially, there was a line that produced an error:

# make sphere look like a sphere

I changed true with "auto" in my own code, as it removed the error. (line 210 of the hyperlink)

I am using WebIO v0.8.18, PyPlot v2.10.0and Interact v0.10.4.