Issue with MethodOfLines.jl Heat equation example

Hi there,

I am new to Julia and I am currently working through the examples for the MethodOfLines.jl package. Whilst running the code for the Heat Equation in 1D with Neumann boundary conditions I seem to get the following error message:
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching (SciMLBase.PDETimeSeriesSolution{Float64, 1, Dict{Num, Matrix{Float64}}, MethodOfLines.MOLMetadata{Val{true}(), MethodOfLines.DiscreteSpace{1, 1, MethodOfLines.CenterAlignedGrid}, MOLFiniteDifference{MethodOfLines.CenterAlignedGrid, MethodOfLines.ScalarizedDiscretization}

The error message is much longer than this. I am currently running Julia 1.8 on vscode, if this is helpful. Thanks for your help!

You are having the same issue as here: Problems after updating julia 1.8.5 - #8 by lmiq

(so you can probably follow the updates of that thread)


Yeah it has to do with a recent bump in the road due to updating the return code spec. @xtalax you said you were putting a patch in today?

This got patched. MethodOfLines v0.9 should be fine. See Unable to run heat equation from docs ( ERROR: MethodError: no method matching (SciMLBase.PDETimeSeriesSolution) · Issue #256 · SciML/MethodOfLines.jl · GitHub

Thanks Chris, I managed to get it working by using Imiq’s method of starting a new environment, but I’ll update to the new version now too!

For all new Julia users, take a look at: Nice workflows for using and developing Julia 1.9+

Particularly since you are using large packages, having a nice workflow with Revise and custom environments will help you a lot.