Issue with Flux/Optimisers' freeze, thaw and adjust functions

I am using Julia v1.7 and Flux as well as Optimisers are updated to date. I want to run the following code but getting a freeze not-defined error.

julia> m = (x = ([1.0], 2.0), y = [3.0]);

julia> s = Optimisers.setup(Momentum(), m);

julia> Optimisers.freeze!(s.x)

Can’t replicate locally, can you confirm you have Optimisers.jl v0.2.14 in your environment? Also there is no freeze without exclamation mark function, so I’d check for typos too.

I am using Julia v1.7, I think this is 0.2.9 is the latest version in here.

(@v1.7) pkg> status Optimisers
      Status `~/.julia/environments/v1.7/Project.toml`
  [3bd65402] Optimisers v0.2.9

It should not be because we support down to 1.6. Given this appears to be your global environment, most likely some other package is holding it back.

This is my global env

(@v1.7) pkg> status 
o      Status `~/.julia/environments/v1.7/Project.toml`
  [198e06fe] BangBang v0.3.37
  [6e4b80f9] BenchmarkTools v1.3.2
  [336ed68f] CSV v0.10.8
  [052768ef] CUDA v3.12.0
  [8f4d0f93] Conda v1.7.0
  [a93c6f00] DataFrames v1.4.4
  [cc61a311] FLoops v0.2.1
  [587475ba] Flux v0.13.4
  [41a02a25] Folds v0.2.8
  [d9f16b24] Functors v0.2.8
  [4e3cecfd] ImageShow v0.3.6
  [916415d5] Images v0.25.2
  [9b13fd28] IndirectArrays v1.0.0
  [c8e1da08] IterTools v1.4.0
  [0f8b85d8] JSON3 v1.12.0
  [b964fa9f] LaTeXStrings v1.3.0
  [f0e99cf1] MLBase v0.9.0
  [cc2ba9b6] MLDataUtils v0.5.4
  [eb30cadb] MLDatasets v0.7.8
  [add582a8] MLJ v0.19.1
  [f1d291b0] MLUtils v0.2.11
  [dbb5928d] MappedArrays v0.4.1
  [128add7d] MicroCollections v0.1.3
  [a15396b6] OnlineStats v1.5.14
  [3bd65402] Optimisers v0.2.9
  [d7d3b36b] ParameterSchedulers v0.3.4
  [91a5bcdd] Plots v1.38.0
  [27ebfcd6] Primes v0.5.3
  [92933f4c] ProgressMeter v1.7.2
  [438e738f] PyCall v1.95.0
  [d330b81b] PyPlot v2.11.0
  [6f49c342] RCall v0.13.14
  [ce6b1742] RDatasets v0.7.7
  [6fc51010] Surrogates v6.5.1
  [28d57a85] Transducers v0.4.75
  [21ca0261] Transformers v0.1.25
  [b8865327] UnicodePlots v3.3.4
  [e88e6eb3] Zygote v0.6.51

Try installing the most recent version manually. It should throw an error pointing to which package(s) in your global environment are holding Optimisers back.

pkg> add Optimisers@0.2.14

For that very reason it is highly advisable to use per-project environments.

It shows an error with JLD2 but still can’t resolve that in the current directory. Using an environment for the same.

Hmm, but JLD2 isn’t even a direct dependency in your environment. I can install

(jl_Bcx7yN) pkg> add Optimisers@0.2.14 JLD2
    Updating registry at `~/.julia/registries/General`
    Updating git-repo ``
    Updating registry at `~/.julia/registries/skleinboRegistry`
    Updating git-repo ``
   Resolving package versions...
   Installed JLD2 ─ v0.4.30
    Updating `/private/var/folders/hf/54d0g7mj7sqfgg2bf7jp98s80000gp/T/jl_Bcx7yN/Project.toml`
  [033835bb] + JLD2 v0.4.30
  [3bd65402] + Optimisers v0.2.14

without trouble. Can you post the whole manifest, i.e. the output of pgk> status -m, and the full error message when trying add Optimisers@0.2.14

This is the Pkg.precompile() error which is conflicting with RCall. I don’t need RCall package anymore so, I removed it from my environment. It works fine.

julia> Pkg.precompile()
Precompiling project...
  ✗ RCall
  0 dependencies successfully precompiled in 3 seconds (398 already precompiled)

ERROR: The following 1 direct dependency failed to precompile:

RCall [6f49c342-dc21-5d91-9882-a32aef131414]

Failed to precompile RCall [6f49c342-dc21-5d91-9882-a32aef131414] to /home/naba/.julia/compiled/v1.7/RCall/jl_qB3frT.
ERROR: LoadError: RCall not properly installed. Please run"RCall")
 [1] error(s::String)
   @ Base ./error.jl:33
 [2] top-level scope
   @ ~/.julia/packages/RCall/Wyd74/src/RCall.jl:36
 [3] include
   @ ./Base.jl:418 [inlined]
 [4] include_package_for_output(pkg::Base.PkgId, input::String, depot_path::Vector{String}, dl_load_path::Vector{String}, load_path::Vector{String}, concrete_deps::Vector{Pair{Base.PkgId, UInt64}}, source::Nothing)
   @ Base ./loading.jl:1318
 [5] top-level scope
   @ none:1
 [6] eval
   @ ./boot.jl:373 [inlined]
 [7] eval(x::Expr)
   @ Base.MainInclude ./client.jl:453
 [8] top-level scope
   @ none:1
in expression starting at /home/naba/.julia/packages/RCall/Wyd74/src/RCall.jl:2
 [1] pkgerror(msg::String)
   @ Pkg.Types /opt/julias/julia-1.7.2/share/julia/stdlib/v1.7/Pkg/src/Types.jl:68
 [2] precompile(ctx::Pkg.Types.Context; internal_call::Bool, strict::Bool, warn_loaded::Bool, already_instantiated::Bool, kwargs::Base.Pairs{Symbol, Union{}, Tuple{}, NamedTuple{(), Tuple{}}})
   @ Pkg.API /opt/julias/julia-1.7.2/share/julia/stdlib/v1.7/Pkg/src/API.jl:1362
 [3] precompile
   @ /opt/julias/julia-1.7.2/share/julia/stdlib/v1.7/Pkg/src/API.jl:1013 [inlined]
 [4] #precompile#220
   @ /opt/julias/julia-1.7.2/share/julia/stdlib/v1.7/Pkg/src/API.jl:1011 [inlined]
 [5] precompile()
   @ Pkg.API /opt/julias/julia-1.7.2/share/julia/stdlib/v1.7/Pkg/src/API.jl:1011
 [6] top-level scope
   @ REPL[124]:1
(@v1.7) pkg> rm RCall
    Updating `~/.julia/environments/v1.7/Project.toml`
  [6f49c342] - RCall v0.13.14
    Updating `~/.julia/environments/v1.7/Manifest.toml`
  [6f49c342] - RCall v0.13.14
  [1b915085] - WinReg v0.3.1

(@v1.7) pkg> add Optimisers@0.2.14
   Resolving package versions...
  No Changes to `~/.julia/environments/v1.7/Project.toml`
  No Changes to `~/.julia/environments/v1.7/Manifest.toml`

(@v1.7) pkg> status
      Status `~/.julia/environments/v1.7/Project.toml`
  [198e06fe] BangBang v0.3.37
  [6e4b80f9] BenchmarkTools v1.3.2
  [336ed68f] CSV v0.10.9
  [052768ef] CUDA v3.13.1
  [324d7699] CategoricalArrays v0.10.7
  [8f4d0f93] Conda v1.7.0
  [a93c6f00] DataFrames v1.4.4
  [c04bee98] ExcelReaders v0.11.0
  [cc61a311] FLoops v0.2.1
  [587475ba] Flux v0.13.11
  [41a02a25] Folds v0.2.8
  [d9f16b24] Functors v0.3.0
  [4e3cecfd] ImageShow v0.3.6
  [916415d5] Images v0.25.2
  [9b13fd28] IndirectArrays v1.0.0
  [c8e1da08] IterTools v1.4.0
  [0f8b85d8] JSON3 v1.12.0
  [b964fa9f] LaTeXStrings v1.3.0
  [f0e99cf1] MLBase v0.9.0
  [cc2ba9b6] MLDataUtils v0.5.4
  [eb30cadb] MLDatasets v0.7.9
  [add582a8] MLJ v0.19.1
  [f1d291b0] MLUtils v0.4.0
  [dbb5928d] MappedArrays v0.4.1
  [128add7d] MicroCollections v0.1.3
  [a15396b6] OnlineStats v1.5.14
  [3bd65402] Optimisers v0.2.14
  [d7d3b36b] ParameterSchedulers v0.3.4
  [91a5bcdd] Plots v1.38.2
  [27ebfcd6] Primes v0.5.3
  [92933f4c] ProgressMeter v1.7.2
  [438e738f] PyCall v1.95.1
  [d330b81b] PyPlot v2.11.0
  [ce6b1742] RDatasets v0.7.7
  [6fc51010] Surrogates v6.5.1
  [28d57a85] Transducers v0.4.75
  [21ca0261] Transformers v0.1.25
  [b8865327] UnicodePlots v3.3.4
  [e88e6eb3] Zygote v0.6.55

This is the manifest.toml file

(@v1.7) pkg> status -m
      Status `~/.julia/environments/v1.7/Manifest.toml`
  [da404889] ARFFFiles v1.4.1
  [621f4979] AbstractFFTs v1.2.1
  [1520ce14] AbstractTrees v0.4.4
  [7d9f7c33] Accessors v0.1.25
  [79e6a3ab] Adapt v3.5.0
  [dce04be8] ArgCheck v2.3.0
  [ec485272] ArnoldiMethod v0.2.0
  [4c555306] ArrayLayouts v0.8.18
  [13072b0f] AxisAlgorithms v1.0.1
  [39de3d68] AxisArrays v0.4.6
  [ab4f0b2a] BFloat16s v0.2.0
  [fbb218c0] BSON v0.3.6
  [198e06fe] BangBang v0.3.37
  [9718e550] Baselet v0.1.1
  [6e4b80f9] BenchmarkTools v1.3.2
  [b99e7846] BinaryProvider v0.5.10
  [d1d4a3ce] BitFlags v0.1.7
  [e1450e63] BufferedStreams v1.1.0
  [a4280ba5] BytePairEncoding v0.3.1
  [fa961155] CEnum v0.4.2
  [336ed68f] CSV v0.10.9
  [052768ef] CUDA v3.13.1
  [49dc2e85] Calculus v0.5.1
  [aafaddc9] CatIndices v0.2.2
  [324d7699] CategoricalArrays v0.10.7
  [af321ab8] CategoricalDistributions v0.1.9
  [082447d4] ChainRules v1.46.1
  [d360d2e6] ChainRulesCore v1.15.7
  [9e997f8a] ChangesOfVariables v0.1.5
  [46823bd8] Chemfiles v0.10.3
  [aaaa29a8] Clustering v0.14.3
  [944b1d66] CodecZlib v0.7.1
  [35d6a980] ColorSchemes v3.20.0
  [3da002f7] ColorTypes v0.11.4
  [c3611d14] ColorVectorSpace v0.9.10
  [5ae59095] Colors v0.12.10
  [861a8166] Combinatorics v1.0.2
  [bbf7d656] CommonSubexpressions v0.3.0
  [34da2185] Compat v4.5.0
  [a33af91c] CompositionsBase v0.1.1
  [ed09eef8] ComputationalResources v0.3.2
  [8f4d0f93] Conda v1.7.0
  [187b0558] ConstructionBase v1.4.1
  [6add18c4] ContextVariablesX v0.1.3
  [d38c429a] Contour v0.6.2
  [150eb455] CoordinateTransformations v0.6.2
  [a8cc5b0e] Crayons v4.1.1
  [dc8bdbbb] CustomUnitRanges v1.0.2
  [9a962f9c] DataAPI v1.14.0
  [124859b0] DataDeps v0.7.10
  [a93c6f00] DataFrames v1.4.4
  [864edb3b] DataStructures v0.18.13
  [e2d170a0] DataValueInterfaces v1.0.0
  [e7dc6d0d] DataValues v0.4.13
  [244e2a9f] DefineSingletons v0.1.2
  [b429d917] DensityInterface v0.4.0
  [163ba53b] DiffResults v1.1.0
  [b552c78f] DiffRules v1.12.2
  [b4f34e82] Distances v0.10.7
  [31c24e10] Distributions v0.25.80
  [ffbed154] DocStringExtensions v0.9.3
  [abbaa0e5] DoubleArrayTries v0.0.3
  [fa6b7ba4] DualNumbers v0.6.8
  [792122b4] EarlyStopping v0.3.0
  [c04bee98] ExcelReaders v0.11.0
  [e2ba6199] ExprTools v0.1.8
  [95c220a8] ExtendableSparse v0.6.8
  [e189563c] ExternalDocstrings v0.1.1
  [c87230d0] FFMPEG v0.4.1
  [4f61f5a4] FFTViews v0.3.2
  [7a1cc6ca] FFTW v1.5.0
  [cc61a311] FLoops v0.2.1
  [b9860ae5] FLoopsBase v0.1.1
  [bb354801] Fetch v0.1.4
  [5789e2e9] FileIO v1.16.0
  [48062228] FilePathsBase v0.9.20
  [1a297f60] FillArrays v0.13.7
  [53c48c17] FixedPointNumbers v0.8.4
  [587475ba] Flux v0.13.11
  [41a02a25] Folds v0.2.8
  [9c68100b] FoldsThreads v0.1.1
  [59287772] Formatting v0.4.2
  [f6369f11] ForwardDiff v0.10.34
  [b38be410] FreeType v4.0.0
  [9ed96fbb] FuncPipelines v0.2.3
  [069b7b12] FunctionWrappers v1.1.3
  [d9f16b24] Functors v0.3.0
  [38e38edf] GLM v1.8.1
  [0c68f7d7] GPUArrays v8.6.1
  [46192b85] GPUArraysCore v0.1.3
  [61eb1bfa] GPUCompiler v0.17.1
  [28b8d3ca] GR v0.71.5
  [92fee26a] GZip v0.5.1
  [c27321d9] Glob v1.3.0
  [a2bd30eb] Graphics v1.1.2
  [86223c79] Graphs v1.7.4
  [42e2da0e] Grisu v1.0.2
  [f67ccb44] HDF5 v0.16.13
  [7693890a] HTML_Entities v1.0.1
  [cd3eb016] HTTP v1.7.4
  [3cc741c3] HuggingFaceApi v0.1.0
  [34004b35] HypergeometricFunctions v0.3.11
  [7869d1d1] IRTools v0.4.7
  [615f187c] IfElse v0.1.1
  [2803e5a7] ImageAxes v0.6.10
  [c817782e] ImageBase v0.1.5
  [f332f351] ImageContrastAdjustment v0.3.10
  [a09fc81d] ImageCore v0.9.4
  [51556ac3] ImageDistances v0.2.16
  [6a3955dd] ImageFiltering v0.7.3
  [82e4d734] ImageIO v0.6.6
  [6218d12a] ImageMagick v1.2.1
  [bc367c6b] ImageMetadata v0.9.8
  [787d08f9] ImageMorphology v0.3.2
  [2996bd0c] ImageQualityIndexes v0.3.4
  [80713f31] ImageSegmentation v1.7.0
  [4e3cecfd] ImageShow v0.3.6
  [02fcd773] ImageTransformations v0.9.5
  [916415d5] Images v0.25.2
  [9b13fd28] IndirectArrays v1.0.0
  [4858937d] InfiniteArrays v0.12.10
  [e1ba4f0e] Infinities v0.1.6
  [d25df0c9] Inflate v0.1.3
  [83e8ac13] IniFile v0.5.1
  [22cec73e] InitialValues v0.3.1
  [842dd82b] InlineStrings v1.4.0
  [18e54dd8] IntegerMathUtils v0.1.0
  [1d092043] IntegralArrays v0.1.5
  [7d512f48] InternedStrings v0.7.0
  [a98d9a8b] Interpolations v0.14.7
  [8197267c] IntervalSets v0.7.4
  [3587e190] InverseFunctions v0.1.8
  [41ab1584] InvertedIndices v1.2.0
  [92d709cd] IrrationalConstants v0.1.1
  [c8e1da08] IterTools v1.4.0
  [b3c1a2ee] IterationControl v0.5.3
  [42fd0dbc] IterativeSolvers v0.9.2
  [82899510] IteratorInterfaceExtensions v1.0.0
  [033835bb] JLD2 v0.4.30
  [1019f520] JLFzf v0.1.5
  [692b3bcd] JLLWrappers v1.4.1
  [682c06a0] JSON v0.21.3
  [0f8b85d8] JSON3 v1.12.0
  [b835a17e] JpegTurbo v0.1.1
  [b14d175d] JuliaVariables v0.2.4
  [929cbde3] LLVM v4.15.0
  [b964fa9f] LaTeXStrings v1.3.0
  [23fbe1c1] Latexify v0.15.18
  [a5e1c1ea] LatinHypercubeSampling v1.8.0
  [73f95e8e] LatticeRules v0.0.1
  [5078a376] LazyArrays v0.22.16
  [8cdb02fc] LazyModules v0.3.1
  [7f8f8fb0] LearnBase v0.3.0
  [9c8b4983] LightXML v0.9.0
  [2ab3a3ac] LogExpFunctions v0.3.20
  [e6f89c97] LoggingExtras v1.0.0
  [30fc2ffe] LossFunctions v0.8.0
  [23992714] MAT v0.10.3
  [f0e99cf1] MLBase v0.9.0
  [9920b226] MLDataPattern v0.5.4
  [cc2ba9b6] MLDataUtils v0.5.4
  [eb30cadb] MLDatasets v0.7.9
  [add582a8] MLJ v0.19.1
  [a7f614a8] MLJBase v0.21.4
  [50ed68f4] MLJEnsembles v0.3.2
  [614be32b] MLJIteration v0.5.1
  [e80e1ace] MLJModelInterface v1.8.0
  [d491faf4] MLJModels v0.16.2
  [03970b2e] MLJTuning v0.7.4
  [66a33bbf] MLLabelUtils v0.5.7
  [d8e11817] MLStyle v0.4.16
  [f1d291b0] MLUtils v0.4.0
  [1914dd2f] MacroTools v0.5.10
  [dbb5928d] MappedArrays v0.4.1
  [299715c1] MarchingCubes v0.1.5
  [a3b82374] MatrixFactorizations v0.9.5
  [739be429] MbedTLS v1.1.7
  [442fdcdd] Measures v0.3.2
  [626554b9] MetaGraphs v0.7.2
  [128add7d] MicroCollections v0.1.3
  [e1d29d7a] Missings v1.1.0
  [78c3b35d] Mocking v0.7.5
  [e94cdb99] MosaicViews v0.3.4
  [872c559c] NNlib v0.8.16
  [a00861dc] NNlibCUDA v0.2.6
  [15e1cf62] NPZ v0.4.3
  [77ba4419] NaNMath v1.0.1
  [71a1bf82] NameResolution v0.1.5
  [b8a86587] NearestNeighbors v0.4.13
  [f09324ee] Netpbm v1.1.0
  [12afc1b8] NeuralAttentionlib v0.1.5
  [6fe1bfb0] OffsetArrays v1.12.8
  [cf8be1f4] OhMyArtifacts v0.3.1
  [0b1bfda6] OneHotArrays v0.2.3
  [a15396b6] OnlineStats v1.5.14
  [925886fa] OnlineStatsBase v1.5.0
  [52e1d378] OpenEXR v0.3.2
  [8b6db2d4] OpenML v0.3.1
  [4d8831e6] OpenSSL v1.3.3
  [3bd65402] Optimisers v0.2.14
  [bac558e1] OrderedCollections v1.4.1
  [90014a1f] PDMats v0.11.16
  [f57f5aa1] PNGFiles v0.3.17
  [5432bcbf] PaddedViews v0.5.11
  [d7d3b36b] ParameterSchedulers v0.3.4
  [d96e819e] Parameters v0.12.3
  [69de0a69] Parsers v2.5.3
  [570af359] PartialFunctions v1.1.1
  [fbb45041] Pickle v0.3.2
  [fa939f87] Pidfile v1.3.0
  [b98c9c47] Pipe v1.3.0
  [eebad327] PkgVersion v0.3.2
  [ccf2f8ad] PlotThemes v3.1.0
  [995b91a9] PlotUtils v1.3.3
  [91a5bcdd] Plots v1.38.2
  [2dfb63ee] PooledArrays v1.4.2
  [21216c6a] Preferences v1.3.0
  [8162dcfd] PrettyPrint v0.2.0
  [54e16d92] PrettyPrinting v0.4.0
  [08abe8d2] PrettyTables v2.2.2
  [27ebfcd6] Primes v0.5.3
  [13d12f88] PrimitiveOneHot v0.1.3
  [33c8b6b6] ProgressLogging v0.1.4
  [92933f4c] ProgressMeter v1.7.2
  [438e738f] PyCall v1.95.1
  [d330b81b] PyPlot v2.11.0
  [4b34888f] QOI v1.0.0
  [1fd47b50] QuadGK v2.7.0
  [8a4e6c94] QuasiMonteCarlo v0.2.19
  [94ee1d12] Quaternions v0.7.4
  [df47a6cb] RData v0.8.3
  [ce6b1742] RDatasets v0.7.7
  [74087812] Random123 v1.6.0
  [e6cf234a] RandomNumbers v1.5.3
  [b3c3ace0] RangeArrays v0.3.2
  [c84ed2f1] Ratios v0.4.3
  [c1ae055f] RealDot v0.1.0
  [3cdcf5f2] RecipesBase v1.3.3
  [01d81517] RecipesPipeline v0.6.11
  [189a3867] Reexport v1.2.2
  [42d2dcc6] Referenceables v0.1.2
  [dee08c22] RegionTrees v0.3.2
  [05181044] RelocatableFolders v1.0.0
  [ae029012] Requires v1.3.0
  [79098fc4] Rmath v0.7.0
  [6038ab10] Rotations v1.3.4
  [321657f4] ScientificTypes v3.0.2
  [30f210dd] ScientificTypesBase v3.0.0
  [6c6a2e73] Scratch v1.1.1
  [91c51154] SentinelArrays v1.3.17
  [efcf1570] Setfield v1.1.1
  [1277b4bf] ShiftedArrays v2.0.0
  [605ecd9f] ShowCases v0.1.0
  [992d4aef] Showoff v1.0.3
  [777ac1f9] SimpleBufferStream v1.1.0
  [699a6c99] SimpleTraits v0.9.4
  [47aef6b3] SimpleWeightedGraphs v1.2.2
  [45858cf5] Sixel v0.1.2
  [66db9d55] SnoopPrecompile v1.0.3
  [ed01d8cd] Sobol v1.5.0
  [a2af1166] SortingAlgorithms v1.1.0
  [276daf66] SpecialFunctions v2.1.7
  [171d559e] SplittablesBase v0.1.15
  [860ef19b] StableRNGs v1.0.0
  [cae243ae] StackViews v0.1.1
  [aedffcd0] Static v0.7.8
  [90137ffa] StaticArrays v1.5.12
  [1e83bf80] StaticArraysCore v1.4.0
  [64bff920] StatisticalTraits v3.2.0
  [82ae8749] StatsAPI v1.5.0
  [2913bbd2] StatsBase v0.33.21
  [4c63d2b9] StatsFuns v1.1.1
  [3eaba693] StatsModels v0.6.33
  [9700d1a9] StrTables v1.0.1
  [5e0ebb24] Strided v1.2.3
  [69024149] StringEncodings v0.3.6
  [892a3eda] StringManipulation v0.3.0
  [354b36f9] StringViews v1.1.1
  [09ab397b] StructArrays v0.6.14
  [856f2bd8] StructTypes v1.10.0
  [31cdf514] StructWalk v0.2.1
  [6fc51010] Surrogates v6.5.1
  [3783bdb8] TableTraits v1.0.1
  [bd369af6] Tables v1.10.0
  [62fd8b95] TensorCore v0.1.1
  [f92c20c0] TextEncodeBase v0.5.12
  [24d252fe] ThreadedScans v0.1.0
  [731e570b] TiffImages v0.6.3
  [06e1c1a7] TiledIteration v0.3.1
  [f269a46b] TimeZones v1.9.1
  [a759f4b9] TimerOutputs v0.5.22
  [3bb67fe8] TranscodingStreams v0.9.11
  [28d57a85] Transducers v0.4.75
  [21ca0261] Transformers v0.1.25
  [410a4b4d] Tricks v0.1.6
  [9d95972d] TupleTools v1.3.0
  [5c2747f8] URIs v1.4.1
  [3a884ed6] UnPack v1.0.2
  [1cfade01] UnicodeFun v0.4.1
  [b8865327] UnicodePlots v3.3.4
  [1986cc42] Unitful v1.12.2
  [41fe7b60] Unzip v0.2.0
  [0625e100] ValSplit v0.1.0
  [81def892] VersionParsing v1.3.0
  [ea10d353] WeakRefStrings v1.4.2
  [efce3f68] WoodburyMatrices v0.5.5
  [796a5d58] WordTokenizers v0.5.6
  [76eceee3] WorkerUtilities v1.6.1
  [a5390f91] ZipFile v0.9.4
  [e88e6eb3] Zygote v0.6.55
  [700de1a5] ZygoteRules v0.2.2
  [6e34b625] Bzip2_jll v1.0.8+0
  [83423d85] Cairo_jll v1.16.1+1
  [78a364fa] Chemfiles_jll v0.10.3+0
  [2e619515] Expat_jll v2.4.8+0
  [b22a6f82] FFMPEG_jll v4.4.2+2
  [f5851436] FFTW_jll v3.3.10+0
  [a3f928ae] Fontconfig_jll v2.13.93+0
  [d7e528f0] FreeType2_jll v2.10.4+0
  [559328eb] FriBidi_jll v1.0.10+0
  [0656b61e] GLFW_jll v3.3.8+0
  [d2c73de3] GR_jll v0.71.5+0
  [78b55507] Gettext_jll v0.21.0+0
  [61579ee1] Ghostscript_jll v9.55.0+0
  [7746bdde] Glib_jll v2.74.0+2
  [3b182d85] Graphite2_jll v1.3.14+0
  [0234f1f7] HDF5_jll v1.12.2+2
  [2e76f6c2] HarfBuzz_jll v2.8.1+1
  [c73af94c] ImageMagick_jll v6.9.12+3
  [905a6f67] Imath_jll v3.1.2+0
  [1d5cc7b8] IntelOpenMP_jll v2018.0.3+2
  [aacddb02] JpegTurbo_jll v2.1.2+0
  [c1c5ebd0] LAME_jll v3.100.1+0
  [88015f11] LERC_jll v3.0.0+1
  [dad2f222] LLVMExtra_jll v0.0.16+0
  [dd4b983a] LZO_jll v2.10.1+0
  [e9f186c6] Libffi_jll v3.2.2+1
  [d4300ac3] Libgcrypt_jll v1.8.7+0
  [7e76a0d4] Libglvnd_jll v1.6.0+0
  [7add5ba3] Libgpg_error_jll v1.42.0+0
  [94ce4f54] Libiconv_jll v1.16.1+2
  [4b2f31a3] Libmount_jll v2.35.0+0
  [89763e89] Libtiff_jll v4.4.0+0
  [38a345b3] Libuuid_jll v2.36.0+0
  [856f044c] MKL_jll v2022.2.0+0
  [e7412a2a] Ogg_jll v1.3.5+1
  [18a262bb] OpenEXR_jll v3.1.1+0
  [458c3c95] OpenSSL_jll v1.1.19+0
  [efe28fd5] OpenSpecFun_jll v0.5.5+0
  [91d4177d] Opus_jll v1.3.2+0
  [30392449] Pixman_jll v0.40.1+0
  [ea2cea3b] Qt5Base_jll v5.15.3+2
  [f50d1b31] Rmath_jll v0.3.0+0
  [a2964d1f] Wayland_jll v1.21.0+0
  [2381bf8a] Wayland_protocols_jll v1.25.0+0
  [02c8fc9c] XML2_jll v2.10.3+0
  [aed1982a] XSLT_jll v1.1.34+0
  [4f6342f7] Xorg_libX11_jll v1.6.9+4
  [0c0b7dd1] Xorg_libXau_jll v1.0.9+4
  [935fb764] Xorg_libXcursor_jll v1.2.0+4
  [a3789734] Xorg_libXdmcp_jll v1.1.3+4
  [1082639a] Xorg_libXext_jll v1.3.4+4
  [d091e8ba] Xorg_libXfixes_jll v5.0.3+4
  [a51aa0fd] Xorg_libXi_jll v1.7.10+4
  [d1454406] Xorg_libXinerama_jll v1.1.4+4
  [ec84b674] Xorg_libXrandr_jll v1.5.2+4
  [ea2f1a96] Xorg_libXrender_jll v0.9.10+4
  [14d82f49] Xorg_libpthread_stubs_jll v0.1.0+3
  [c7cfdc94] Xorg_libxcb_jll v1.13.0+3
  [cc61e674] Xorg_libxkbfile_jll v1.1.0+4
  [12413925] Xorg_xcb_util_image_jll v0.4.0+1
  [2def613f] Xorg_xcb_util_jll v0.4.0+1
  [975044d2] Xorg_xcb_util_keysyms_jll v0.4.0+1
  [0d47668e] Xorg_xcb_util_renderutil_jll v0.3.9+1
  [c22f9ab0] Xorg_xcb_util_wm_jll v0.4.1+1
  [35661453] Xorg_xkbcomp_jll v1.4.2+4
  [33bec58e] Xorg_xkeyboard_config_jll v2.27.0+4
  [c5fb5394] Xorg_xtrans_jll v1.4.0+3
  [3161d3a3] Zstd_jll v1.5.2+0
  [214eeab7] fzf_jll v0.29.0+0
  [a4ae2306] libaom_jll v3.4.0+0
  [0ac62f75] libass_jll v0.15.1+0
  [f638f0a6] libfdk_aac_jll v2.0.2+0
  [b53b4c65] libpng_jll v1.6.38+0
  [075b6546] libsixel_jll v1.10.3+0
  [f27f6e37] libvorbis_jll v1.3.7+1
  [1270edf5] x264_jll v2021.5.5+0
  [dfaa095f] x265_jll v3.5.0+0
  [d8fb68d0] xkbcommon_jll v1.4.1+0
  [0dad84c5] ArgTools
  [56f22d72] Artifacts
  [2a0f44e3] Base64
  [ade2ca70] Dates
  [8bb1440f] DelimitedFiles
  [8ba89e20] Distributed
  [f43a241f] Downloads
  [7b1f6079] FileWatching
  [9fa8497b] Future
  [b77e0a4c] InteractiveUtils
  [4af54fe1] LazyArtifacts
  [b27032c2] LibCURL
  [76f85450] LibGit2
  [8f399da3] Libdl
  [37e2e46d] LinearAlgebra
  [56ddb016] Logging
  [d6f4376e] Markdown
  [a63ad114] Mmap
  [ca575930] NetworkOptions
  [44cfe95a] Pkg
  [de0858da] Printf
  [9abbd945] Profile
  [3fa0cd96] REPL
  [9a3f8284] Random
  [ea8e919c] SHA
  [9e88b42a] Serialization
  [1a1011a3] SharedArrays
  [6462fe0b] Sockets
  [2f01184e] SparseArrays
  [10745b16] Statistics
  [4607b0f0] SuiteSparse
  [fa267f1f] TOML
  [a4e569a6] Tar
  [8dfed614] Test
  [cf7118a7] UUIDs
  [4ec0a83e] Unicode
  [e66e0078] CompilerSupportLibraries_jll
  [deac9b47] LibCURL_jll
  [29816b5a] LibSSH2_jll
  [c8ffd9c3] MbedTLS_jll
  [14a3606d] MozillaCACerts_jll
  [4536629a] OpenBLAS_jll
  [05823500] OpenLibm_jll
  [efcefdf7] PCRE2_jll
  [83775a58] Zlib_jll
  [8e850b90] libblastrampoline_jll
  [8e850ede] nghttp2_jll
  [3f19e933] p7zip_jll

I recommend using project-specific environments to minimize version conflicts. The more packages you have in your environment, the the more likely you will have at least one conflict. Moreover, as your global environment changes over time, you cannot guarantee your results will be reproducible. I haven’t encountered a compatibility conflict or reproducibility problem in the last 2-3 years since I started using local environments exclusively.

Yep, I will start using environments, hereafter.