Issue of volume render with large 3D data


I was trying to volume render a very large 3D data withGLMakie.
However, I found this exists a limit for the volume render.
This is my plotting scripts

GLMakie.volume!(x, y, z, 3DArray, algorithm=:mip , absorption=0.1, colormap=:ice, transparency=true, shininess=0.2)

Any 3DArray with a size exceeding 768^3 will have an error

glTexImage 3D: width too large. Width: 1024

I see there was a discussion ongoing related to this issue

It seems to me that it is an issue with the OpenGL,
I am wondering any update or potential walkaround on that?

As a workaround, consider

using ImageBase
smallvol = restrict(vol)

That will do an anti-aliased 2x reduction in size along all three axes.


Thanks for the suggestion!
I also see imresize in the package.
Which one would you think is preserving the information better?

It’s much better to use restrict, as imsize doesn’t perform antialiasing.