Is there variable viewer + editor?

I wonder if there is a variable viewer plus editor like MATLAB has. It would be convenient to view values and edit them (if they are mutable) in some variable manager. VScode allows to navigate among variables but it unconveniently bundles everything (packages, variables and methods) to one place and does not allow to edit values. Or did I missed something? How do people solve this need?

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We can also change the value of any local variable while the program is paused. For example, to change the value of x, we can double click in the Variables section on the value 27 next to x and then enter any arbitrary Julia expression. The value this expression returns will become the new value for the variable x.

You can hide modules, so that the only functions that you see are ones that you’ve defined in your own code and should leave mostly just the variables:

See the dots on the right side of the WORKSPACE in the Julia panel:

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