Is there currently any linter for Juno on 1.0+?



Ever since Julia is upgraded to 1.0+, IDE support has been more or less spotty. I thought the vscode plugin using language server was really nice to work with but with the releases still in alpha stage for 1.0+, it’s unstable and sometimes just seems to not provide any IntelliSense completion.

I had been using Juno before but it seems that the original Linter.jl that it relied on no longer works with Julia 1.0+, so I get no feedback whatsoever from the linter? Is that indeed the case? The StaticLint.jl package that ships with the julia-vscode plugin actually works in most cases. It’d be nice if those two can be combined somehow.


They will be sometime in the future. Linting is not really a priority for me though.

Julia 1.0 IDE for Windows

I see. For me it’s quite useful as it catches mistakes as I write the code instead of being flooded by dozens of error messages when I trial run the program (though the messages are essentially similar). Might be helpful to have an issue tracking it in the Juno repo? Anyways I’m using vscode now as the plugin works most of the time.