Is there any way to speed up Documenter a bit?

I use Documenter to build a fairly small site with very few pages. But it still takes two and a half minutes for it to finish. This makes fixing things and seeing the change very tedious. Is there a way to speed things up a bit at least for test?

I have turned of doctest but that does not help much since I only have a few of it. I have also tried to just include 1 or 2 pages, but that does not make things faster. Using compiled Plots.jl does not help much either. I guess the bottleneck must be somewhere else.

An idea would be just some how compile just one page to see the effect without doing all the cross-ref things. But I don’t see how to do it.

How do you run makedocs? If you use julia make.jl (or similar) then you can instead just include("make.jl") in a long-running session. That should make doc builds almost instant, unless you have long-running examples or similar.


This really speeds things up! Maybe it should be included in the document!