Is there any reason to set a metapackage to be precompiled?



I am curious if there’s any benefit to precompiling a metapackage. DifferentialEquations.jl reexports a ton of packages which all themselves precompile. But precompiling DifferentialEquations.jl seems to precompile all of these together: is there anything gained by precompiling at this level? I know @tim.holy mentioned a few things about how precompilation only effects functions whose types are solely contained in the package or something like that? So since precompilation times are so long, I’m revisiting whether this is necessary.


If you don’t turn on precompilation, any package that depends on the metapackage can’t be precompiled either, right? For me, that would be a strong reason not to have that package as a dependency.


Very good point. But people shouldn’t be depending on the top level package anyways.