Is there any package supporting Samba? or is there any workaround?

Hi all,
I am trying to host a simple Dash.jl based webapp in an Openshift cloud platform. The webapp has to fetch a file from a windows share! I can’t access the file within openshift! with samba connector i be able to read the file! is there any packages or other ways to access a file on the windows share? the docker won’t allow me to mount the share during the container building! other option will be to use python smb connector (pysmb), which i really would like to avoid! appreciate your inputs! thank you.

I am not very advanced with Openshift nor with Dash.jl. My approach would be to abandon direct connection with SMB / CIFS / SAMBA and explore AWS S3 (S3 compatible) option instead (especially if this is a small project). IMO, this could be safer and easier and also probably more versatile. There is a well documented support for S3 both in Julia and Openshift. However, of course S3 is not Samba and such approach requires one additional step associated with moving data from SMB to S3. What did you come up with if I may ask? EDIT: (On a second though) Or I would move it to a database, for example to Oracle or IBM Cloud.

Should you have any additional comments pls let me know. :- )