Is there any graph / graph plotting package that allow edges having different color and length based on its identity and weight?

Usecase: Displaying the architecture of block copolymers. Block copolymers consist of many blocks each of which contains identical monomers and are connected by covalent bond at their joints. I think the natural way to describe such architecture is to use a graph. Each block can be viewed as an edge and nodes are free ends of blocks and their joints. Block can have a type (can be identified by a color) and a length (how many monomers they have).

Typical architectures can be linear, star, cycle, comb, etc. as shown in the following image.


Does anyone know if there is such a graph package to describe and plot these architeture. If edges (blocks) can be plotted as curves, it will be even better! Thanks!

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Canonical ones seems like Graphviz and mermaid, but I am not sure if they have up to date bindings in Julia. Maybe be via PyCall.jl

Not 100% sure.

I have found the TikzGraphs package which wraps Tikz/Pgf really powerful. It satisfies most of what I want to do except I cannot figure out how to specify the length of each edge according to its weight. Following image is what I have achieved so far. Check out my codes here in Polymer.jl.