Is there an interface to concatenate Dicts(or Set, OrderedDict etc.)?

A Vector usually been concatenated by append! or vcat. But there don’t work on Dict(or Set, OrderedDict etc.). Of cause we can use for-loop to add each element into a new dict.

I want to know is there an interface like append! or vcat to concatenate. This should be reasonable.


help?> merge
search: merge merge! mergewith mergewith! MergeSort

  merge(d::AbstractDict, others::AbstractDict...)

  Construct a merged collection from the given collections. If necessary, the types of the resulting collection will
  be promoted to accommodate the types of the merged collections. If the same key is present in another collection,
  the value for that key will be the value it has in the last collection listed. See also mergewith for custom
  handling of values with the same key.
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nice answer

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