Is there an available plotting package for 0.7-alpha?

I tried Plots, PyPlots, which didn’t pass the package building. GR did, but an error occured when performing a simple plot, and the error message is:

ERROR: error compiling #plot#19: error compiling plot_data: error compiling clearws: could not load library "libGR.dll"
The specified module could not be found.

After the release of 0.7-alpha, i have been expecting a lot of packages to be updated, which didn’t happen for the plotting packages. Is it still too early for package developers to update their packages and for us normal users to expect a rapid development of the package ecosystem?

PGFPlotsX works for me. Other plotting packages may have a v0.7 branch that you could try to checkout.

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I think (but haven’t had time to try yet) that Gaston works as well.

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It looks like the message was not broadcasted enough: 0.7-alpha was done for the package maintainers to work on packages. A general use for ‘normal’ users was not foreseen.

You still can help package development (and debugging) by opening issues with reproducible examples and include details about your system.


I can confirm: Gaston works with 0.7.