error compiling _plot!: error compiling _display: could not load library "libGR.dll" The specified module could not be found.

I am completely new to programming and Julia is my first language to learn. I am using Atom IDE for Julia whenever i try to plot anything like using Plots; plot(rand(5))
the above error is displayed. I tried using ENV[“GRDIR”]=" ";“GR”).
Still i get the same error

If you are on windows, this github issue may help you.
I had the same problem, firstly installing the package took a long time, and after it I got the same error.
The problem was, that during downloading a binary for the package, some networking error ocurred and not the whole file was downloaded. That was the root of the issue.
If you experience the same, the above mentioned github issue may help you to solve it.

Thanks but i first uninstalled and again installed julia and atom and it worked fine after that.