Is there a way to minify Julia files?

Let’s say you have a file like:

# Common methods for all `Values` objects

const ScalarValues{  dim,T,shape} = Union{


const VectorValues{  dim,  T,shape} = 
  Union{  CellVectorValues{dim,T,shape  },FaceVectorValues{dim,T,shape}}

is there an existing way to (in-memory) transform it to:

const ScalarValues{dim,T,shape}=Union{CellScalarValues{dim,T,shape},FaceScalarValues{dim,T,shape}}
const VectorValues{dim,T,shape}=Union{CellVectorValues{dim,T,shape},FaceVectorValues{dim,T,shape}}


// can you leverage the internal julia compiler?

edit: this is assuming the file could compile successfully

this is basically just a rephrasing of: