Is there a way to make the parts of a plot with less data more visible?

Hello, I am plotting a kernel density, and the right-end of the plot is hard to see, especially when shared on the web with reduced resolution. I am using this command

q=Gadfly.plot(U, x=U.x, y=U.density, Geom.point, Theme(default_color=“dark red”, point_size=10pt , background_color=color(“white”),g

Here is the plot

There are 2 peaks on the right, actually. Is there a way to make them more visible, without giving the false impression there are more points there?

If I’m not mistaken the white-ish zones are actually filled with points, because their border is white
Maybe you want to use a line plot instead, with a color-coding on the distance between each points for example?

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This is the perfect solution, I didn’t think enough, of course a gaussian kernel, it makes sense to plot as a LINE not as disjoint points. Thanks :slight_smile:

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