Is there a simple way to swap the x and y axes in `Plots.jl` after a figure is plotted?

Note this is not flip, which flips the x and y axes by themselves. I want to exchange the y and x axes, like a transposition of the figure.

To transpose the plot after the figure has been plotted, you could do:

using Plots

x = range(0,2π,100)
y = sin.(x)

p = Plots.current()
y1 = p.series_list[1][:x]
x1 = p.series_list[1][:y]
plot(x1, y1)
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Thank you. Also, according to @SimonChrist on Slack, permute=(:x, :y) also works.

using Plots

x = range(0, 2π, 100)
y = sin.(x)
plot(x, y; permute=(:x, :y))
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That doesn’t seem to work after a figure is plotted (as per OP’s title).
Also, in that case it is simpler to write: plot(y, x) for the same result.

You are right. Thanks!

Actually, what I want is something that I can put into my custom recipes. So

@recipe function f(args...)
    permute-->(:x, :y)

is what I finally want. There is some confusion in the question. Sorry!