Is there a package to read EXIF data from a jpg image?

I’m looking for a package to read EXIF data from a jpg image. I had hoped that ImageMetadata would do that, but but when I load a jpg image, all the metadata is gone, e.g.,
3024×4032 Array{RGBX{N0f8},2} with eltype RGBX{Normed{UInt8,8}}
What is the preferred way to extract this information? In particular, I’m trying to extract the GPS coordinates.

ImageMagick.jl has some undocumented functions getimageproperty and getimageproperties. Let us know if those help.

ImageMagick contains a function magickinfo() that reads the EXIF info from an image file without loading the image. This is fast and provides just what I need. Thanks.