ExifViewer.jl: Package Announcement

Very excited to announce release of ExifViewer.jl 0.1.0 !!

ExifViewer.jl provides for support for accessing image metadata from image files in Julia. ExifViewer.jl is a Julia wrapper over LibExif C library. It’s one of 3 major work products from my GSOC’22 project.

Repository: GitHub - JuliaImages/ExifViewer.jl: Metadata reader in Julia, wrapper over LibExif
Documentation: https://lnkd.in/dRXUGttx

To find more information about Exif and ExifViewer.jl, please check the blog posts:
Medium: Release of ExifViewer.jl for Image Metadata : GSOC’22 Work Product | by Ashwani Rathee | Medium
Julia Forem: Release of ExifViewer.jl for Image Metadata : GSOC'22 Work Product - Julia Community 🟣


This is great to see, thanks so much for your work! So far, I usually just shell out to exiftool to get things done, which works but isn’t very neat to parse and share. As I regularly need to read and write to tiff, I’m looking forward to further work on extending the supported tags and file formats, but I’ll go ahead and test your package on supported data and will open issues on Github for any problems or feature requests, and I will see where I can help.

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Hey Klaas!! thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: . Looking forward to extending support for more tags and file formats. The encoding process needs a lot more support I think, there is a lot that can be improved there.