Is there a package for creating custom world

I’m searching for a package that could create a 3D or 2D costume world. Something like the game world, in which you or artificial agent could interact with the environment. Which would follow rules specified by the creator.
So a tool for creating a reinforcement learning environment.

I think the closest I’m aware of that fits the bill for this and your other related question is

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I’m not sure your question is well defined. Unless “costume world” means something specific in a specialized field, you’re going to have to specify exactly what you need.

I can create a world without any packages, just define a struct with a boolean ref parameter isnight and a function wait12h which flips it.

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If that helps, I want to create an enviroment for Reinforcement Learning agent. That could be seen on the computer screen not just as a number output in the repl. So it would be possible to see agents training in real time

How you visualize an agent depends a lot on the agent. Do you want to show the decision boundaries of a classifier? Or the progress of a walking bot? Or simply the activation values of the nodes in a neural network?

I would begin by planning out what my agent will do and what its parameters will be, and then worry about visualizing it.

Have you looked at repos in this organization JuliaReinforcementLearning · GitHub?

They have some tools for world generation.

Sounds like you want a gaming engine. Check Game development in Julia with GameZero.jl | Workshop | JuliaCon 2021 - YouTube.


Yes, game engine is what I’m looking for. But I need something more advanced. Something with which you can make complex enviroments. Like Unreal Engine for example

I don’t think we have anything near Unreal Engine in Julia. But you can find a way to use Julia code inside UE.

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